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The Proof Is In the Patch!

I am a firm believer that EVERY body is beautiful - that EVERY body is a swimsuit body and I will ALWAYS preach self love and acceptance.

This journey for me is not about weight loss, if it is for you, I 100% respect that, but for me, it is about how I FEEL! I don't weigh myself, I only measure, I measure my clothes and my body for progress since weight fluctuates so frequently. 

I started this process in January 2019, when I was DYING to fit back into my wedding dress - when we got married in May 2017 my wedding dress fit like a glove, but less than 2 years later, I couldn't even get the zipper up. For me, it was time to do something for my health so I began using the Thrive Experience.  With just 3 steps in the morning, a capsule, vitamin mix and a wearable nutrition patch (DFT) it is SO simple to follow and actually stick with!

The 3 steps have helped me regain my health by providing me more energy, appetite control, mental clarity, joint function and lean muscle support! Besides what it has helped with inside, buy attitude for life has changed! I am no longer blinded by the darkness and brought down by negativity in my life, this is TRULY changed my prospective! Each day I wake up with a fresh outlook and a positive attitude about the day to come thanks to filling the nutritional gaps my body was lacking! 

On top of that, I am down 11 inches (as of 4/17/19) and ALMOST have my wedding dress zipping all the way up again! 

My goal - to back in my wedding dress by my 2 year anniversary! Keep checking back for progress!

Oh, and better yet, JOIN ME by starting an 8 week experience of Thrive!! 



UPDATE (5/6/19) IT FIT!! I cannot believe it!! Do you have a fitness goal you want to SLAY?! This is the sign you needed to take a leap and do it! 

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